Going Forward is a monthly podcast about problem solving of all kinds - when it works, when it doesn't, and when the solution doesn't even exist yet. If that sounds broad, that's because it is! We're leaving the door open to tell the stories that interest us, challenge us, and keep us up at night. 

Our Story

Julia and Ula met on a public radio listserv. Julia was working at an architecture firm in Seattle and Ula was in graduate school in New York. Through the communicative magic of cell phones, video chatting, and Bitmoji, they schemed up Going Forward.

Julia Drachman is fascinated by the things that people make and the people that make things. She studied studio art and art history at Wesleyan University and brings her experience working in architecture to the stories she tells. If you want to get her talking, just ask her to list the reasons why she loves rain… there are five.

Ula Kulpa is a forever student and a history nerd. She has a Master's degree in Journalism from NYU and an honorable mention ribbon for a third grade essay she wrote about Jackie Robinson. 

Our show features original music by Phoenix Glendinning, a composer and musician living in Portland, OR.


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